Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Five of the Most Underrated Guns N' Roses Songs

As the mighty Guns N' Roses take a break between legs of their seemingly-never ending Not In This Lifetime World Tour, we decided to investigate some of the band's most underrated songs. And while fans wait for the end of the tour (later this year) to see what will happen with the band (Will they make a new record? Will they break up again?), check out these five amazing, underrated GN'R tracks.

14 Years

If Axl Rose brings the Mick Jagger swagger to Gun N' Roses, Izzy Stradlin brought the street-smart, rhythm guitar feel of Keith Richards. Make no mistake, "14 Years ", from Use Your Illusion II is largely an Izzy Stradlin tune. The former Gunner handles lead vocals for a song that's likely about Stradlin's friendship with Rose. Overall, this is a fantastic rock n' roll song that really has a Rolling Stones feel to it with the background piano hammering away. Sadly, Stradlin left the band on the Illusions Tour in 1991.


The longest Gun N' Roses track (at 10:13) from the Illusions records, "Coma" is one of those songs that grows on you more and more over a few listens. Written about his own overdose experience, Axl Rose had trouble penning the lyrics. He is quoted as saying: "I tried to write that song for a year, and couldn't. I went to write it at the studio and passed out. I woke up two hours later and sat down and wrote the whole end of the song, like, just off the top of my head. It was like, I don't even know what's coming out, man, but it's coming. I think one of the best things that I've ever written was maybe the end segment of the song "Coma".


If you enjoy the Chinese Democracy album, then you're probably on board with how good "Prostitute" is. From the quiet build up to the explosive ending, "Prostitute" is one of Axl Rose's shining moments as a songwriter and lyricist. While the subject of the track (former band mate or record company?) isn't clear, what's clear is the phenomenal lead guitar work of Buckethead on this track.

Human Being

The only song on this list not written by the band, "Human Being" is a cover of a 1974 New York Dolls track that appeared on GN'R's Spaghetti Incident album from 1993. While it was the last studio album to feature Slash and Duff McKagan, "Human Being" is a shining example of how they could make a song absolutely groove from start to finish. Much like Metallica, Guns N' Roses can take an old song and almost make it better than the original. Any way you slice, the GN'R version of "Human Being" is insanely good.

Pretty Tied Up

Ah the "Perils of Rock n' Roll Decadence". Written solely by Izzy Stradlin, "Pretty Tied Up" has an eastern flare from a coral sitar in the intro followed by a grooving verse riff with Stradlin's rhythm chops prominently featured. Stradlin has said in interviews that the subject of the song was a Hollywood dominatrix. Fans of this track really enjoy the line "Cool and stressing" which sounds like cool ranch dressing.

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  1. What about Estranged? Very underrated track, masterpiece through and through.