Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Memo To Angus Young: Don't Make AXL/DC

TO: Angus Young (AC/DC founder and only remaining original member)

It has come to our attention that you are planning (according to unconfirmed rumours) on recording a new record with Axl Rose on vocals.

Don't do it. Please don't do it.

While you no doubt want to make as much money as possible before hanging up your school uniform and putting your oldest SG into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, making a record with Axl Rose would tarnish the legacy of the band you helped create.

AC/DC has amassed more than 200 million worldwide albums sales. Surely that's enough?

Right now, there really is no AC/DC - the band. There's you, Angus, along with the name AC/DC. Your brother, Malcolm, was forced to quit because of health issues and has joined Bon Scott in Heaven, Brian Johnson had to leave because of hearing problems. Cliff Williams is retired. Phil Rudd has had some issues with the law. That leaves you, Angus. No band.

What would the ghost of Bon Scott say? Was Malcolm on board before he passed away?

Let's face it, Angus, you'll soon be 62 years old. That leaves you and your wife, Ellen, plenty of good years to sit back and enjoy retirement.

As a longtime AC/DC fan and being a Gun 'n Roses fan since 1988, I don't want two of the greatest rock bands' legacies to be tarnished with a money-grabbing album.

Let's face it, Angus. If money wasn't involved, you wouldn't make a record with Axl. Or, if you did make an album with Axl, you would do it under a different name than AC/DC.

See why making For Those About To Rock... was such a burden for AC/DC.


  1. Holy shit, this is such a garbage article.

    1. Thank you! It's not gonna tarnish the legacy of either band for frigs sake. These guys wanna keep fucking rocking, then good on em, you can bet i'll rock right along with em.